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Friday, January 18, 2013

Better Than Expected

The first of the year was a massive shift in reality for us. So many things had happened in December, and they escalated into the decision being made to finally- (finally-) take on homeschooling. Oh, was I ever terrified. Somewhere between sending the paperwork in to the superintendent and not having the kiddo's stuff from her desk at school back yet, I had a minor panic attack. I can't be sure why, but I did. But the letter of acceptance came back fine, she and her dad went to get her stuff out of her desk at school. Everything ironed out and on the first, we began lessons. I know they tell you to unschool for a month, to kind of let the kids find their own groove again, but Ro was so adamant about homeschooling, ready to roll, eager to freakin' go go go go! So I decided that she could have that week and a half off, between when they let out for Christmas, and New Year's, and then we'd launch into lessons from there.

Talk about freaking out, I didn't have anything established, even though we are laden with learning materials in this house. Our home library is an impressive home library. It took me the better part of five days, and a trip to Barnes & Noble, before I had my ducks in a row, but I did it. We're fifteen days in now, and I can't even begin to tell you what a load off this has been.

I love that the frantic hustle is gone- no waking up at 6:30am, get dressed! bus stop! Where is your other SHOE? No need to holler and threaten Ro into bed at seven every night, no need to have homework done, and where is your folder, and what is this permission slip, I didn't see this, and what do you mean tomorrow's the book fair, oh, Daddy's going to have to run to the ATM ... No, instead we have nice evenings together. Have a little ice cream if you'd like, let's watch Treasure Planet on the sofa together, let's not worry that it'll be 10:00pm when it's over. We'll just start a little later tomorrow, that's all.

It's so much easier for us all to sleep in a little, wake up, have breakfast together, and ease into lessons once we're all dressed and our eyes are peeled all the way open, (hello coffee, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again.)

I am magnificently lucky to be good friends with four homeschooling Moms on Livejournal, totaling fifteen children. Witnessing their journeys from day one has perhaps been one of the greatest resources available to a person. Now, I'm honored to be among them, and to add my wisdom to the pot.

Overall, I have, perhaps, only one thing to say about this whole thing:

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