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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zombie Princess Aurora

Okay, it's definitely no surprise to anyone here that I dislike frilly pink princess culture. I have slathered my blog in anti-princess fervor like one slathers Kerrygold on bread. But this year, and just this once, I thought- I will indulge my daughter. I will indulge her fantasies. I will give her what she insists on loving, because I love her. Just this once.

And though she kept changing her mind about what she wanted to be, (a punk fairy, a vampire, a princess, a bride, a ghost, Merida, a candy fairy, a cupcake fairy, a rainbow fairy, Ghoulia Yelps, I mean, it was a really bad idea for me to let her look through the Wishcraft catalog whenever it arrived...) I thought, when I surprise her with this Sleeping Beauty dress, she'll be thrilled. So thrilled!

So I bought it, in all its horrible polyester made in China glory, and I showed it to her, and I was like, "LOOK! LOOK! Look what Mommy got you!" and she- you guys, she sneered. She wrinkled up her perfect little nose and said, "...I wanted to be a zombie."

I just about cried.

"Well..." I said hopefully, and probably in vain, "what if you were... a zombie Princess Aurora? Like, what if the prince never came to kiss Sleeping Beauty and she just wound up rotting away right there?" And her whole face lit up like a Christmas Tree.

"YEAH." She said. "I wanna do that!"

So that, my friends, is what she did.

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