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Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Year Later - Hence The Name

It's called a neighborhood for a reason, am I right? Because you have neighbors? I kept wondering what the etymology on that was, so I went looking. Turns out the Old English word it stems from, neahdæl, means to be based around or near something.

Near what?

Evidently this is the Little Italy neighborhood, but our experiences both with the people and the pizza leave us wondering how that's even remotely possible. The last ditch, I feel, will be the tiny gelateria on the corner. It will tell us the truth when nothing else does.

I keep fretting about what my downstairs neighbor thinks of us. We're always hanging around the staircase, hollering everything but obscenities at each other. (You know how moving can fray your nerves and leave you feeling less than nice.) I hardly want to be pegged as that couple. The ones who have no class and scream at one another in the streets. No, I won't let that happen. It's bad enough that we can't seem to get our daughter to stop running and stomping and jumping. She's going to bring down the whole neighborhood under her little feet. You wait.

Yesterday I met the neighbors next door. The ones in the building that's only one foot away. They're the ones with the pool. The girl seems like she's about my age, and is probably a pretty rad and eclectic sort. Just the type of person I would enjoy spending time with. They have a baby boy. She invited us over this summer to swim. Perfect. Maybe this summer won't be so bad.

Originally written for The City Year on 3/23/2011.

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