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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meet Me on the Equinox

It's no secret that I'm an Equinox girl. The Solstices don't speak to me- Summer? Winter? No thank you. It's those truly enchanted times of the year, the turnings, that capture my attention. This year, so strangely, the vernal equinox did not sneak in, but instead came crashing down on us, violently, with highs soaring to 80°, and flowers already springing up all over in Mom's garden.

"March comes in like a lion and out like a solar flare," Zack said as we sat, stuck at a stop light, sweating in the car. I'm grateful, though, for the ability to throw open the windows and spring clean during this whole packing nightmare.

Yes packing. We're moving again, even though we've only been here a year. The opportunity has come up to take a less expensive first floor flat, with a fully fenced in yard, in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, with a better school, thanks to a good friend of ours buying her first home and leaving her rental of over a decade vacant and for the thieving. I'm looking forward to one thing most, most of all. Being able to send Ro outside. And indeed, not fearing that she will be kidnapped or otherwise threatened by dogs, creepers, or speeding vehicles.

So yes, the Equinoxes are times of intense change- they prove to be, every time. This spring will be no exception.

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