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Monday, March 26, 2012

The City Year

It's been a year. A city year. A long year. A free year. It's been a turning point. A learning experience. A year ago today we were eating pizza on the living room floor, surrounded by cardboard boxes, the smell of fresh paint still hanging in the air. A year later, I find myself looking for boxes again, because we're leaving, and I'm not sorry. This was a great experience, living downtown. It was the most interesting time, and we learned so much.
  • Things will catch fire at 1, 3, 4, 6 and 9am. Be ready for sirens at all hours, (and when you live on 4th Street, those sirens are tearing past your windows, lady.)
  • You will have 93 pizza establishments to select from. Choose wisely. (Um, DeFazio's! Duh.)
  • Someone will get murdered in the middle of the street in the middle of the day, two blocks from your house. It will happen again two days later. Brace yourself.
  • Your house is one foot away from the house next door to you. That dude's cigarette smoke and football game both will filter out his bedroom window and straight into your dining room. (In fact, if you stand by your dinner table and look out your window, you can see him half naked, asleep on his bed. Awesome.)
  • You and everyone who comes over to your house will coin the phrase, "It's Troy out." because you'll be able to hear the neighbors out in the street screaming at one another at least once a week. Bonus points if the argument is about "bitches".
  • There's no such thing as "Hey, go play outside."
  • On the 3rd floor, you are at bird, wind and terrifyingly inclement weather altitude. Better hope your storm glass is closed and latched on every window.
  • On the 3rd floor, you are at crap the roof is leaking...
  • The wind will blow all of the litter in such a way that it puddles around your front stoop (no one else's!) Much like the Pacific Garbage Patch.
  • You are within walking distance of a bodega. Don't know what a bodega is? You don't belong here.
  • This is a three-college town. Just go ahead and steer clear of anywhere on a Saturday night.
  • And of course, the parking is all on street. Don't forget to memorize your litany of parking laws, because they will fine you hard if you manage to slip up.
All that aside though, I kind of love this place. Love the apartment. Love the architecture. Love the history. Love the view of Prospect Park. Love the way the wind pushes through the windows and washes the whole place out with fresh air. I make terrible fun, but I also adore, and while I had a great year here, it's time to move on. Salut, brownstone. We had a good year.

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