"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." -Richard Dawkins

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Here Career

How cool is my job? Honestly sometimes I have a hard time getting over it. I was just looking over the photos from Joann and Manny's wedding and I can't help thinking I've actually struck gold. Awesome career path gold. Is it a regular paycheck? No way, but it is so, so worth it.

Technically I'm a minister, which is as amusing as much as it is confusing. While by all technicalities I have a church, I am not active in a ministry. Instead, I get to take this title and use it to learn. My interest in religions is similar to that of my interest in wine. They all taste different, they're grown differently, they're different colors and different sweetnesses and they pair well with different sorts of things, but they're all interesting, and all worth a sip, even if you discover you hate the taste. Some of my best friends like dry, sharp reds. Me, I'm a sweet whites kind of girl.

Steve, I'm looking at you and the moscato we love.
I've taken this analogy too far.

So that's the cool thing, pairing different, interesting beliefs with new and amazing people to make this one moment exactly perfect, and just for them. I've done five weddings sofar, with eight more on the table. I've had the chance to do some really rad things in the past few months. I wrote a ceremony where a couple performed a song together- it was incredible. I have read poetry without messing up my lines - unprecedented! I have performed two handfastings. I have changed the wording of the entire ceremony mere moments before the bride was slated to walk up the aisle simply so that the groom, who was too nervous to speak, wouldn't have to say anything other than 'I do'. I've helped with floral arrangements (both creating them, and rescuing them when the wind tears them from the altar,) and of course- setting up chairs. I've had to run for cover in the middle of a ceremony because a sudden downpour was drenching the bride and the vows were getting soaked. All this, and I've only done FIVE weddings. Wow.

Anyway, all of this is simply to say that I have so many cool stories, and I'm only nine months in. I can't wait to keep racking them up. Every couple I meet and work with is awesome, is unique, and is totally worth getting ordained. I think about them all the time. I think about my job all the time. I don't think I'll ever do anything else, ever again. Nope. I'm good with this.


  1. Reading this post genuinely made me smile. I don't often get to see you happy anymore, nor listen to you talk about things that make you feel good. I am thrilled to death that you've found something you enjoy and I will support this endeavor in every way that I can.

    However: You might want to change your Richard Dawkins quote at the top of your page in light of this revelation. :)

  2. I'm against religion for me, personally. That still holds true. I am still intrinsically athiestic, but that doesn't mean I can't find beauty and interest in other people's beliefs and the religions of the world. =)

  3. My immediate response to Mr. Dawkins's statement in the sub-header is: "Religion teaches satisfaction with ignorance? Which one?"

  4. I definitely believe that the intent of the statement is to focus on those situations where a person of authority in a religious setting would tell their congregation, or any member thereof, "You needn't question (this) or (that) because it's God's work, and it's how he wants it to be, and who are we to question God?" That sort of thing. You see it in frustrating situations where, say, a mother chooses prayer over chemotherapy to save their child dying of cancer, because it's God's will.

  5. So thrilled to see you so happy. Wishing you much success with all of the future ceremonies that you are involved with. Mazel tov!