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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Toe Feet Shoe Shoes

It is absolutely not a secret that I have lusted over a pair of Vibram FiveFingers for a couple of years now, but it's been a long, long time since a pair of "nice" shoes have been a practical expense (hellooooo Target clearance racks) and uh, never, since a pair of $100 shoes have been an expense worth consideration.

I saw my first pair in real life when I went to Arizona last March for Ian and Christine's wedding and saw their acquaintance Taylor wearing a pair. I got so excited. Then my friend Darroch got a pair when he went paleo (and started running in them!) THEN I saw someone wearing them at a friend's birthday party! I couldn't take it anymore.

I always wanted a pair of Sprints in their Slate/Lichen color, as well as a pair of Performas in Violet and a pair of Performa Janes in Cerise and and and and... you can see where this is going. But the ones I really wanted the most were the SmartWools, in Champagne. They discontinued the Performas and they discontinued the SmartWools, but when I received my final paycheck from the magazine, I went looking around online- just in case.

And I found them!! (THANK YOU, TRAVELCOUNTRY.COM!) 41% off! Eeee!

Yep, they are flippin' awesome, everything I thought they'd be and more. Everyone who has seen me with them on, shakes their head and says, "I could never wear those. Even toe socks drive me nuts." And you know what, toe socks drive me nuts, too- these are totally different. And amazing. Next up? "barefoot" jogging. Bring it on, baby.


  1. The only reason I couldn't wear them is because my toes are short. So they aren't comfortable with all the extra room in the toe. That makes me sad because I love anything that has me feeling like I'm barefoot.

  2. I love mine. I've had them for over a year and LOVE THEM. I jog in them, I wear them all the time.

  3. Oh oh, that's right!! I knew you had them!

  4. @TeaWithFrodo Well you should go to a place in your area that sells them and try a pair ON, just in case. You never know, and if you like them, you'll be glad you did.

  5. Hm...maybe I'll have to try them after all. I hate toe socks too, so that's why I never tried them.