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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Organic Argument, Again

I have a friend who- Scratch that, I have several friends who just don't get why Organic is better. And that's fine, most people don't really see the worth of spending all that money on something that tastes the same. Normally yeah, I agree, it tastes the same, the Organic oats are just as oaty as the Quaker stuff, the Organic sugar is just as sugary, it's basically all the same- flavor wise. But my argument for Organic dairy is ferocious.

It isn't just the lack of hormones floating around, giving girls early periods leading to breast cancer, or any other estrogen-related malady the press can come up with. (And, if you have a daughter, you might want to look into that.) It isn't just the lack of antibiotics from infected, red, raw and over-milked udders, (but yeah, that's kind of nasty, too, I admit. And having been a nursing mother, I can totally, and literally feel those cows' pain.)

You can taste it. I promise. You can practically taste the grass. The grass! I swear I'm not pulling your leg. And this was the thing I had to convince this one particular friend of. We were chatting online and I mentioned my new French press. I told him that if there's one thing I'm a snob about, it's Organic dairy. Especially for someone who actually enjoys a glass of milk with things like cookies, or a wad of butter slathered on freshly baked bread.

The way Organic dairy transforms your health is going to be one thing, of course, but if I promised you it would transform the way your food tastes, too- would you believe me? Making the Organic argument is a bit like coming out of the hippie-closet for most people who have to convince their friends and family that what they're doing is better for them. But when the difference can be tasted in that first perfectly creamy, fresh sip, that's proof, right?

I challenge you to think of the health of your daughters, I challenge you to think of your own health, but above all else, I challenge you to think of your tastebuds, your morning coffee, your kids' cereal. Next time you're at the grocery store, spend a little more on the Organic and see what it does for you. You might be surprised.

Originally written for Kids Fun Plaza magazine on 1/26/2011. Yes, I own my content.

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