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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

365: #010 Hair Flair

Yikes, sorry for the radio silence around these parts. I think I burned out so hard on scrapbooking I haven't even breathed in the direction of the blog OR crafting. Today, though, I realized that the crafting supplies had begun to creep out of my office and were infiltrating the living room- not the least reason for which being that Ro found my decorative-edge scissors and decided to make decorative-edge confetti out of her drawing paper. Guess what my carpet is covered in, now? A decorative-edged mess. Guess who gets to spend the next hour tangoing with her Dyson? This gal.

Anyway, catching up on too many skipped days of craftiness, I decided to grab up a package of cloth scrapbooking embellishment flowers I had picked up on my last excursion to Michael's (please, please stop me next time I try and go in there,) and make some hair flair for Ro and I.

Easy enough, right? A package of clearance flowers, a headband, a bobby pin...

I was thrilled to see they were backed in felt- handy! Ro, of course, asked me about thirteen times if I was giving her the pink one. Lady, if you think for one second I'm putting anything pink in MY hair, you've gotta be kidding me.

I grabbed a spool of vintage lime green thread because it's lime green and vintage- (right answer!)

For Ro, I was doing a headband, so I started on hers first. Please don't mind the bad manicure (what manicure?) I haven't had the chance to re-do my nails since the concert. Like the color? It's Essie in Dive Bar. Reminds me of my good pal Ian. Anyway, I digress. 4-ply thread, away we go.

(Repeat twenty times.)

Seriously, that was maybe five minutes of work. LOOK HOW CUTE MY KID IS. (Disregard milk and peanut butter on her face, thanks.)

I decided to do a bobby pin for myself so I could accessorize my bun when I do weddings or whatever. I was going to use a purple bobby pin, but found a white one last minute and thought it the better choice.

Once sewn on, I added a healthy dollop of superglue, because I break everything I touch.

CUTE RIGHT? Now I just need an excuse to wear it.

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