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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

365: #008 Scrapbooking Catchup

Things have been crazy around here and I've been a bit lax the past few days, but I used the time to organize my scrapbooking stuff and knock out a few pages that have been waiting to be made. Several of them are awaiting photographs and/or lettering and/or stickers, but I got all the 'bilia glued down, and that's worth something. I have five pages completed, and many more that need completing. I need to get to a print kiosk soon to get some photos printed out- and back to Michael's or Hobby Lobby for some lettering and decorative stickers.

Well, you have to start somewhere.

Okay, genuinely, I used to be a lot better a laying out a page, I have no idea where my scrapbooking-fu went. This page is, as you can see, about Ro's obsession with the Princess Aurora. It needs stickers or something. It looks terrible.

These two pages are meant to be a spread and are about our three years of travels back and forth between Arizona and New York. Both pages are awaiting snapshots of Ro in airports, on planes, and in the hotel room in Cleveland during our ill-fated layover.

This page is waiting for both lettering and photos of Ro and I at the election party, and Ro watching the inauguration. It (obviously) is about Obama's election and inauguration, which Ro was right along beside me for, every bit of it.

Last page worked on was this one about Ro's trips to the doctor's, her first post-newborn "well baby" check-up, and her first vaccines, including the bandage they put on her first shots. There's blood on the bandage, still. Is that archival quality? This too is waiting for the photo of her with the bandages on her legs.

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