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Sunday, May 1, 2011

365: #006 & #007 The Gnome Pond & Fairy Boat

The other day Ro said, "I have to clear a spot on the seasons table so the fairies can have a pond." Well, that wouldn't do at all. An invisible pond, what kind of silliness is that? I knew exactly what my next project had to be! That gnome house needed a pond, gosh darnit, and what good was a pond without a rad little boat for the fairies to go sailing? No good at all! This task at hand, I set to work.

How cute is too cute?
I started by gluing a sheet of iridescent blue scrapbooking stock to some heavy card (the cover from a different pad of scrapbooking paper I happened to have,) and cutting out an irregular "pond" shape.

Then, I glued down a popsicle stick dock.

I thought the edges seemed a little clean so I grabbed an old jar full of (what I believe to be) graphite chunks ('cause if they're not that, it's gray pyrite, and I don't think that exists.) Mom and I found tons of these along the train tracks behind her house and I hadn't found a use for them yet.

I glued them in place using a tube of tile adhesive I had in my tool box.

Dabbed some brown paint around the outside to make it look a little dirtier...

Drew in some "seaweed"...

And of course, what's the rule? IF fairies, THEN glitter!

 The boat is the lid of a paperboard jewelry box, which I used some very cute scrapbooking paper to line it with.

 Cut some popsicle sticks to make bench seats and to glue onto the outside, also.

 Every good boat needs a sail, I grabbed an old cheap organza "favor bag" and snipped out a triangle, and made a mast out of a shard of popsicle stick.

 I laid it down on a piece of waxed paper (a scrap from a palette pad,) and slathered it in glitter glue- THEN topped that in extra glitter. What's the rule of thumb again? If fairies...

Glued it in place, added some "rigging" with the leftover ribbons from the bag, then let it dry overnight before peeling it off the paper, trimming off the excess glue and...

Setting sail!

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