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Monday, April 11, 2011

Other Projects of Re-Painting

So my parent's back-yard neighbors moved, after being in the house they were in for probably forty years. They cut ties with tons and tons of their belongings, and I wound up with several pieces of furniture, among other household accoutrement and other things (like the first 8 Foxfire books!) It's sad that they're gone, truly, they were really good people, but on the flipside, it is because of them I have discovered this sudden adoration of painting old wooden furniture.

A few posts ago I mentioned how I'd repainted Ro's little table and chairs, and her bathroom step-stool. Here is the old nightstand that I painted the same color (also for use in the bathroom.)

Poor quality photo, I know, but I think it turned out really nice! Next up, an old wooden dry sink that had been beaten up and well loved and even had a huge chip taken out of the top of one of the doors:

You can still see the chip at the top of the doors (right where they meet.) But it's far less obvious painted this shade of dark red than it was when it was wood! It's now holding tabletop gaming supplies and Magic cards in the dining room. (Hey! What, we're nerds. I make no apologies.)

I admit I'm becoming a little bit of an addict, but I'm running out of space. I don't think I have the room to do any more acquisitions/refinishing projects! But it IS really fun, that much is true.

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