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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny-Butt Bunting, Just in the Nick of Time

I was Stumbling the other day, and discovered a new blog which, no joke, had me sucked in for days, reading posts all the way back to 2008. Patty Schaffer over at Capture the Details has been making these insanely adorable bunny-butt buntings, and I knew I just had to throw one together to drape across the mantle for Easter dinner this weekend. For those not particularly craft-inclined but just love the heck out of these anyway, she offers hers for sale in her Etsy shop (which is full of lots of other good things, too! Don't you just have to have these trees? I do, I do!)

I'd like to welcome Capture the Details to my blogroll. Totally worth checking at least once a week! (At long last! I know what to do with all that scrapbooking paper I don't appear to be using!)

Anyway! Here is how mine turned out- Ro helped me with it this morning (she was on tail-attachment duty.) Mine are larger and less sweetly chubby than Patty's, and I wound up adding carrots because I spaced the bunnies way too far apart! I should have spent the morning studying bunny's rear-ends...

On second thought...

 (Ro took this one- 4-year-old's-eye-view!)

1 comment:

  1. totally cute!!!! i LOVE them! and the carrots are a great touch! i'm impressed :-)
    so glad you found my blog and thanks for saying hello. glad to have you along for the ride. :-)
    have a great weekend!
    xo, patty :-)