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Monday, April 25, 2011

365: #001 Fairies

I worked on these for a total of 3 hours last night, starting around 9 and ending around 12. Shoot, is this going to be the usual timetable for Craft-A-Day? I hope not, 'cause then I'll never do dishes. These fairies were a project I've been aiming to do for a while and they're not great- okay the one is pretty great, the other three didn't go so well. All will be explained. Without farther adieu, I give you...

Leaf, Cupcake, Grapely, and Frost. (All named by Ro, of course.)

Let's start at the beginning...

As you can see, the situation with my desk being a mess is... erm. Really a problem. I'm want for storage in here and it's showing.

From Michael's I had picked up two packets of peg "girls" and a package of clearanced butterflies, with the intentions of snipping their wings off and gluing them to the girls to make fairy wings. It was kind of a problem that one of the butterflies only had one wing. I wasn't sure what to do about that.

I decided on a color scheme for each fairy, jotted it down on my palette and mixed up a pastel 'skin tone' for each one, then gave them two coats.

When I started removing the butterflies from the card, I noticed they were on clips- hmm! Going to have to find a use for those in the future.

I painted the wings from the back so I wouldn't ruin the glitter on the front too much.

Buuut they still needed more glitter.

More, more more!

Once the skin tones were dry, I sketched on the basic outline of what I wanted, then I started painting. After the paint was dry, I added details with Prismacolor pencils, or Sharpies (for those whom I had accidentally used glossy paint on. Whoops.) Because of this, Leaf turned out the best. She was entirely matte and had a great surface for sketching her little leaf skirt and vines on her vest. Everyone else? Eh.

Then I snipped off the wings and super-glued those suckers to their backs. I wound up just snipping the purple wing in half and giving Grapely mini-wings.


Now what to do with all these creepy dis-winged butterfly body clips?

I set them all up in the gnome house for Ro to find in the morning...

And find them she did!