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Thursday, April 28, 2011

365: #004 Knitting Fail

Well, I tried to start my shrug tonight. Tried, being the operative. It's a free Lion Brand pattern but I just took the measurements and ran with it- different weight yarn, different sized needles. But dude, it did not work very well, and I lost my patience very, very quickly with that laceweight yarn I was working with. I'm not sure what I need to do. Smaller needles, probably- my bamboo ones weren't smooth enough, unbelievably, and the aluminum ones were comedically too large, and totally unweildy, producing a tangled mess instead of a row of stitches.


 I actually sharpened my bamboos, because they were so blunt I couldn't grab a stitch with them- didn't really help.

 I have entirely too much of all of this white slubby laceweight and I want SO BAD to make a really diaphanous shrug with it, but I think I need some properly thin needles- maybe even circs, otherwise I'm totally lost.

Nope. It just wasn't doing. Oh well. Even if I didn't make anything today, I learned something. Buy new needles.

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  1. Inox knitting needles are great, but hard to find locally. I also love my circular bamboo ones. Trying to figure out whether to invest in a set different sized circulars that you can change up.