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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

365: #003 Windowsill Herb Garden

While not technically a craft, I've owed Ro this windowsill herb garden for a few days now, since I got her all those nice seeds for Easter. However, because it involved some innovative turning of recyclables into planters, I'm letting it through as a craft- especially because I have a meeting AND a date with my husband tonight and won't have much time for craftiness.

 So, we live in the city now. The city-city, so for us, windowsill gardens and window boxes are the way to go- kind of the only way to go.

So I bought DIRT.
(Doesn't that sound absurd? Buying dirt?)

 I dug through the recyclables, grabbed a huge can from water chestnuts, two bottoms from quarts of strawberries, and a little tub from shredded Parmesan cheese.


I invented us a "watering can" by stabbing some holes in the cap of a French lemonade bottle.

I grabbed the dirt, and the filter from the coffee pot, which still had moist grounds in it from Easter. Perfect! Ro diligently filled the containers with dirt, then seeds, then sprinkled coffee on top.

I lined the two strawberry containers with paper towel half-sheets, just to keep the soil from sliding out the holes around the bottom.

Everything was placed on our sunny windowsills in the kitchen- the catnip (potted in Parm!) wound up right here, next to Loki's blanket. She'll really love that.

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