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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

365: #002 Dish Rack Mat

Practicality reigned supreme today in Crafty stadium. You see, I have a stainless steel dish rack, and no dishwasher. I do a lot of dishes by hand, often in waves as I wait for one batch to dry before it can be put away. I didn't purchase the plastic pan that goes underneath and allows the runoff to go back into the sink. I'm not really against them, I mean- I always grew up with one- it's just that I'm really trying to cut the amount of Microban infused plastics out of my life, and I had seen Amanda Blake Soule over at SouleMama stitching up little mats to go underneath hers, so I thought- great idea! Of course, I never got around to it, and since we moved in a month ago, I've just been using a doubled-up dish towel underneath.

When moving out of our last place and we wound up with all that stuff from my mom's neighbors- among all of it was a huge box of vintage fabrics, about as kitch as they come. So I grabbed some of those and a roll of cotton batting, and got to work.

I sprawled out on the kitchen floor and measured a rectangle of About The Right Size™.

Ah, but surely I hadn't forgotten that my sewing machine was broken?

Refusing to believe that a bent needle was my problem, I busted out Nana's machine instead.

Oh no.

As a last resort, even though I was sure- SURE- that the internet was wrong, I swapped my machine's needle for Nana's machine's needle. JUST in case it was bent.

Oh are you @#$%& kidding me?


I made two so that they could be swapped out in case it needs washing.

Ah, that kitchy 60's peach floral is fabulously wrong and therefore oh so right. I love it!

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  1. .... hey I have a good idea. Since you said they weren't really that absorbent. Put a ShamWow in the middle instead of the cotton batting. I have extra if you want to make more =)