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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reading Day at Target

Last Saturday we went to Read Across America at Target, sponsored by- who else? Dr. Seuss. Myself and many of my other Mom friends across the states were underwhelmed by the scope of the thing. I heard tell that there were employees arguing among themselves in front of the children about who had to read. Can you imagine? Lucky for us, in our Target, we had a great lady who was engaging and fun.

This event definitely would have made it to the list for Free or Cheap Fridays over at The Crafting Hobbit, but Irene had a Gymboree class she had to go to and couldn't make it. Here's the recap:

Read a book. Read four books, actually. Check out your swag bag full of snacks and coupons and things.

Do not stand still to have your photo taken. DO NOT.
Buy a Dr. Seuss book on sale for $5. (Hop on Pop!)
Go to the laundromat and read it while the clothes wash.
Have a great day.

Many thanks to the great ladies at the Clifton Park, NY Target store for being swell and not arguing about reading! My kid really enjoyed her day, even if she did happen to have ants in her pants the whole time.

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  1. I really wish we could have gone. Garrett would have loved it.