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Monday, February 14, 2011

This Paperweight

I recall often playing with this glass paperweight as a child. It sat on my Grandma Lettie's secretary in her bedroom, with faded pressed flowers inside on a field sea foam green fabric, bottom padded with old green felt, like the sort you see on a pool table. Yet another craft project put together by the one and only Elizabeth Newell. Not too long ago, Grandma passed it on to me. The glue had loosened, the bottom was falling off, the flowers were crumbling.

So I took it apart, I cleaned it carefully, and... found myself ever so suddenly at a total loss as to what I should put underneath that little dome of magnificent magnification. I dug around my desk, through shoeboxes and drawers and all the tidbits I had stuck in the frame surrounding my mirror, and that's where I finally found it.

A tiny circle of cardstock, punched out of one of Ro's books. A glossy illustration from Holly Hobbie's Toot and Puddle: Top of the World. It depicts Puddle and Tulip sitting at their table by candlelight, eating dinner and wondering when Toot is going to come home. It's just about the sweetest thing ever, and reminds me of how often Ro and I are sitting and waiting for Zack to get home from work.

I kept that ancient green felt bottom, though. You can be sure of that.

(That typewritten document sitting underneath is another Elizabeth project in the works,
but a secret one, for right now! Shh!)

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