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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Failed Maple Candy Experiment

You know in Little House, when the girls go the the sugaring-off, and the most special part of the whole evening is when they're allowed to take the boiling hot maple syrup and drizzle it on the clean snow, making chewy maple caramel-ish taffy and it's the most wonderful thing? Even my mom experienced this as a child out in the country.

I have a friend who'd asked me if I'd done this with Ro yet, and today was sunny and lovely and there's about an acre of untouched, fresh, white, perfect snow from the last storm out there. An ideal day for candy, right?

So here's what we did.

Bring that syrup to a roiling, foamy, angry boil. We used about a cup and a half of Log Cabin All Natural syrup. It's half maple, half brown rice syrup. That might have been our first problem, right there. 
Then! Take that pot outside where your surly snow princess is waiting for you with socks on her hands.

 Drizzle it on the snow!

...Watch as it dissolves the snow sort of like baking soda and vinegar. So you try packing the snow down first. And that doesn't work either.
Then watch as surly snow princess insists she can do it better than you, so let her.

Nope. Seems no matter what we did it was just slushy syrup and it doesn't even taste that good.
It's days like this I wish that Elizabeth was still around to ask these questions to. I bet she'd know. I bet.

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  1. Gotta be the real thing, or it doesn't work.