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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Box from Heifer

So I found out the other day in one of the Homeschooling communities on LiveJournal that Heifer International (which you already know I love) was offering free course materials to educators- public school, homeschool, or otherwise. I thought, this is rad! This will be fun. I'll get a cool envelope in the mail with some print outs and booklets, it'll be fun.

I got a very heavy box.

A very heavy box with a massive binder inside.

And a hardcover picturebook with a silky cover and beautiful illustrations, and a DVD, and a map and a poster and... !

And lots of lesson plans and activites and print-outs and a book to make and color and... !

Okay I admit that I went straight back to the website and ordered all the other kits for all the other age groups, just in case they stop offering them at any point. I'm amazed by the quality, and so exited to teach my kid about both philanthropy and the world at the same time.

Each kit comes with the same thing- a beautiful storybook, lesson plans, a DVD and poster based on different areas of the world where Heifer helps out, plus a massive handful of envelopes and catalogs for people to send donations. I plan to send my own in thanks for this opportunity, and leave the rest in a place I see people reading idly and looking for a purpose all the time: the laundromat.


  1. Hmmmmm..... I may just have to check into this tomorrow. It looks like it may be a great enrichment idea for my oldest son. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Great, right? You're welcome!