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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Little More Liz

I just got this email from my grandmother, in response to the KFP blog post I wrote on Wednesday:

Elizabeth was born 100 yrs ago On January 18, 1911.

Just a note; The parents of the 5 Howard girls believed that girls should have an education, unlike many people in that era. Flora was a teacher, Elizabeth and Rachel went to Albany Business College, Margaret became a dietitian at Canton Ag and Tech, Marietta went to the state college in Oneonta.

They all learned what girls of that day would need to know: sewing, knitting, baking, playing the piano, etc.

Because Elizabeth came from a farm, her inlaws made her feel inferior because they were "townies".

I romanticize these ideas, of course- five sisters (so Little Women! So Little House!) Of course I am bound to romanticize, being an only child (there's technicalities there, but really, I'm mostly alone.) Will someday Ro send an [email equivalent-] to her granddaughter saying, "Alina was an accomplished novel writer but was never published," or "She loved to cook. That might be where you get it from."

Well, try hard as she did to teach me, I never did learn the piano from Grandma. I'm hoping to check out some photos of a younger Elizabeth and her sisters when I go to Grandma's for lunch this weekend. I'll report back on that.

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  1. Hey lady, there's still time on that novel front!