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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Gift

Upon reading my post from the KidsFunPlaza blog the other day, my Grandma Lettie said to me, "Would you guess that I have, already in a bag for you, one of my Mother's winter egg creations? In a McDonald's box!!!"

Needless to say, I was as excited as I was touched, and I came away from my visit with her the bearer of this new, beautiful, precious gift. Now, let me say in advance that I am a klutz, kind of like a teenager, I still haven't grown into my body. I am perpetually breaking things and falling over, so to be trusted with this priceless thing of beauty has much more meaning to me than I think anyone suspects.

Not only that, but the very one that Grandma chose to give me was so perfect for me, it was kind of like it was meant to be. I'm a bit of a woodland winter sort of girl, and so to be given the one with the tiny deer and the pine tree was so fitting. And I chuckled to see that the McDonald's box matched the tissue, which matched the ornament, as if they were all supposed to be together, just like that. Grandma assured me it was coincidental, however. I'm sure she's right.

You must click these photos to see them at full resolution, for the detail on this ornament is sublime. My great-grandmother really was a remarkably talented, wonderful woman. I am honored to have had this passed on to me.

(You can see between the rows of gimp that there's some cracking on the shell. I might have to go in with some shellac or something shell-safe and make sure it's nice and secure.)

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