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Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is the House

This is the house on Dark Moon Road in Johnsonburg, New Jersey, which my Nana was born in. Built by the Reverend Maxwell around 1850, it is unique in that it is a perfect octagon, thirteen feet to a side. It was so trendy at the time, in fact, that when a resident of the village, William Waterfield, moved to Raymond Iowa, he built one for himself. Erected in 1867, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and still stands to this day.

(Hmm, Wikipedia doesn't seem to have information on the Johnsonburg house, and it's not on their list of octagonal homes in the United States. I should look into that.)

These are photos Nana took herself on a drive down to visit. It's changed much- it's gorgeous! 
 (Visit it on Google Maps!) (Don't worry, people-who-live-there-now, it's not a live feed.)


  1. Our octagon Inventory website has this house listed. However a local agency told us it was constructed by a John Gibbs.

    Do you have more info on Mr Maxwell?

    Great photos.The old one shows the remnants in the middle of the cement of the old verandah it used to have.


  2. PS

    Could we use your old photo on the website? We would credit you as source.

    Email me via website above.