"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." -Richard Dawkins

Saturday, December 11, 2010


My Grandma Lettie very sweetly emailed to ask if I had writer's block today. Uh. Oops? Yeah, it's been quiet around here, huh? I have some good news to share, and that's that after nearly two years of searching my husband finally found a really, really good job as an Admin in the IT field. He's thrilled and it makes my heart explosively happy to know we're well on our way back to a life of things like having our own home, not sharing a bedroom with our daughter, and grocery shopping without food stamps.

In the meantime, it's all about biding our time until some of these debts are out from over our heads and our feet are back under us again.

I've been doing some crafting with and without Ro- the holidays are all about MAKING, let's be honest. My friend Amy invited us over the other night to do some projects and I have a couple photos of things I've been working on- but there's so much more where all of this came from!!

A black cotton hat I've been crocheting...

 A super cozy new blanket for Ro made with fabric from Irene over at Tea With Frodo!

 A teeny tiny "gingerbread" house from the Library event that Ro and TJ from Cutest Kid Ever went to this week.

 A Princess Aurora ornament that I spent way too much money on the materials for, just to remember that this year? This was the year she obsessed.

 A recycled Starbucks bag and fabric tag (also from Irene) to make an ornament for my Mom.

 And here, I'm teaching Ro a thing or two about salt painting. Of course she's half-naked, she's using paint. Sheesh!

I've kind of always deeply loved the rainbow frames that are ubiquitous in Waldorf culture, but silly me I'm so not Waldorf. Now we must find something to fit INTO the frame!


  1. I love the colorful backing you are using for the blanket. After you told me what you were doing with it I found an amazing fleece in the remnant bin for Garrett and bought a matching flannel to make him a blanket.

  2. You crochet? I have been hoping to really learn how for quite some time. I love to knit, but want to try crocheting and the books/websites just do not cut it for me. Love all of the projects you have been up to.

  3. @Beth LOL: I don't crochet, that's the thing. I don't actually know what I'm doing, I just put the hook in and pull it back out. I wouldn't know how to follow a pattern because I... don't... know how to crochet. It's like circular logic, but it's circular fiber arts. Literally, in this case.