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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week of Great(ful)ness Day 7 (Belated)

I never did get the chance to post the capstone to my gratefulness project, things got crazy for a few days, but I'd like to do that now:

It's Thanksgiving week, so all week long I'll be giving thanks for things I'm grateful for. 
Here's today's!
Grandmothers. I owe my entire creative self to both of mine. They embraced and encouraged me and told me how proud they were of my accomplishments. They really nurtured my artist's heart.

From my mother's mother, Judy, ("Nana") I picked up knitting (although I crochet,) baking, and quilting. I've spent perhaps the most time in the kitchen with Nana, and her love for cooking most certainly developed mine, and though I've watched her make mittens for a hundred years, I never have gotten the courage worked up to make my own. She and Poppa bought me my copy of Mario Paint in 1992, my very first foray into digital art, where I taught myself to draw with a mouse.

From my father's mother, Lettie, ("Grandma") I picked up sewing and crafting. She urged me to pick up where her own mother, Elizabeth, had left off. She kept boxes full of my great-grandmother's old craft supplies on hand to keep me busy through rainy afternoons during visits. She sent me to dollmaking and art classes in the mountains near her old house, and tried ferociously to teach me a blind hemstitch, but I was always too lazy to pick it up.

To my grandmothers I say thank you. It's because of you both that I bake with Roary and do craft projects with her. It's because of you that I'm a creative spirit. I wouldn't have it any other way. ♥

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