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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week of Great(ful)ness Day 5

It's Thanksgiving week, so all week long I'll be giving thanks for things I'm grateful for. 
Here's today's!

No, it's true. I joined LiveJournal in September of 2000 when I was sixteen and long distance "dating" Daniel of Homebrewhaha. I got sucked in immediately and never left, and I'm so glad. At first I just used it to keep track of friends, but in time it became my main social outlet, and my number one way of finding friends.

In Mesa, when I was a new mother all alone, I used LJ to find Alyssa, Cairenn, Jen, and the rest of our small circle of moms. We went on to host weekly craft and playdates at my house, had birthday parties and dinner together, babysat each other's kids, went shopping together, I even wound up working as a seamstress for Alyssa as she branched out and worked on her own amazing brand of baby carriers. 

But beyond the women I met in real life, I became part of a community, a family of moms from all over the place who all had the same ideals and the same plans as me. Emily, who I had gone to school with and didn't even know it, Julie, who lived two hours away, Diana, who was sending her daughter to the same tiny-ass school my mother graduated from, Ashley, the crunchiest person I knew at the time, and so, so many more.

Not only has LJ been a method which I use to keep track of my friends, but it's also how I really let my friends get to know me. It allows me to have a safe place to keep my middle of the night thoughts, cuss-filled angry rants, and snarky comments about people I really can't stand. It's the sounding board where I can divulge everything, and it's entirely private. The only people who can read it are the people who I invite in. And that gives me a massive sense of comfort. 

LJ has nurtured hundreds of relationships for me over the past decade, and I can't see myself going without it any time soon. 

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