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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week of Great(ful)ness Day 4

It's Thanksgiving week, so all week long I'll be giving thanks for things I'm grateful for. 
Here's today's!

This is two in one- of course, obviously, I'm thankful for my mom, but I am really thankful for pajamas. However, little do you know that those two things kind of go hand in hand. I don't think I'd have an appreciation for pajamas if it wasn't for her. All of my best pajamas were gifts from her, we used to get matching sets and wear them pretty much all the time- it's sort of absurd, but it's just what we did. And it was comfy. In the above photo, which she is going to kill me for posting, I'm 16 weeks pregnant with Ro. It was the last time we had matching PJ's! This is definitely something I'm going to have remedy soon.

 A shout-out to this remarkably demure and somewhat embarrassing night gown, which is the last true article of pajamaness I purchased in the past 5 years. I wanted it for nursing after I had Ro and wound up wearing it to the hospital instead. She still makes that face, by the way.

Anyway, these days, since we're not so matchy matchy anymore, mom and I mostly wander around in yoga pants and comfy sweaters. That's how we roll.

Did you know there's a such thing as a PajamaGram? Like, you send PJ's to people you love? What a great idea! It's almost like sending a hug. I am IN LOVE with these organic bamboo ones. I bet they're amazing.

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