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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week of Great(ful)ness Day 3

It's Thanksgiving week, so all week long I'll be giving thanks for things I'm grateful for. 
Here's today's!
The women in this photo are all responsible for turning the concept of KidsFunPlaza Magazine into an actual living, breathing, paper-in-your-hands reality. I'm grateful for my new career and the fact that the women pictured, all talented, all mothers, are part of my life because of it. I get to see all these rad ladies about once a month at our meetings, but it's always a joy to sit around and brainstorm and throw thoughts onto the table and work to have all our ideas heard. There's so much respect in this circle of women, and they. are. awesome! 
As a secondary thanks, our publisher has a housekeeper who makes the most incredible espresso I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. She's present at every meeting to shower us with canapés and beverages and always with a smile. So I'm throwing out some extra gratitude to Fela, who is forcing me to better my grasp on the Spanish language, and is always happy to ask, "Una cafe?" ("Si, Fela! Gracias!")

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  1. Catching up on your grateful posts :) I agree with you 110% on this one. It has been amazing working with this group of women, including you. Such a fantastic ride the last few months and looking forward to our continued adventure.