"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." -Richard Dawkins

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week of Great(ful)ness Day 1

It's Thanksgiving week, so all week long I'll be giving thanks for things I'm grateful for. 
Here's today's!

THIS amazing, mature, brilliantly sweet-cheeked girl. Aurora Llane. She doesn't know it, (because yeah, okay, I spend a lot of time yelling at her to put her toys away,) but I L-O-V-E love her. To death. It's kind of cliche when parents say their kids are their whole reason for everything, but I think for me, that's true. Mostly everything, anyway. But she came into my life when I didn't know what to do with myself and suddenly I knew- I was someone's mom. 

She's taken me and everything I thought was true and turned it all up-side down, from learning about home waterbirthing and cloth diapering, to homeschooling and food and toy nitpickiness. Because of her I am doing things and thinking things I never thought I'd do or think. Zack too, for that matter.

Things Zack and I love the best about her, in no particular order:
  • She gets more joy out of watching He-Man and She-Ra episodes from the 80's than Dora the Explorer.
  • Her favorite song is Five Finger Death Punch's cover of Bad Company, and she sings along.
  • She wears princess dress-up clothes almost constantly when we're at home.
  • She still calls me "Mama".
  • Her creativity might surpass mine. There's nothing this kid would rather be doing than painting, stamping, stickering, or gluing stuff to other stuff.
  • She's so independent and self sufficient it's almost dangerous. She'd cook herself dinner if I let her!
  • She knows how to use a computer and navigate YouTube better than a lot of adults I know.
  • She's so damn pretty.
  • Once upon a time she fell in love with a bear named Toastie and she's never, ever given up on him. Not even when she bit off one of his eyes.
  • She'd rather be eating fresh fruits and vegetables than any old chicken nuggets or mac and cheese. Fresh sushi is her FAVORITE.
  • She still does that thing where you call you "Little Miss!" and she replies with "BEANSHINE!"
  • Her amazing smile, velvety brown eyes and gorgeous auburn curls! 
  • When she asks the waitress for strawberry ice cream, no one is able to protest. My beautiful charismatic four-year-old, spoiled god-damned rotten. 

Yep! I am thankful for her, one whole. big. bunch.


  1. D'awwww. She's such a great kid.

    Also, it made me smile when you called her "sweet-cheeked" because my mom's nickname for me- to this day- is Sweetcheeks.

  2. ... and I'm thankful for both of you. <3