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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today is my Birthday!

Ah, yes, I know. It is also Thanksgiving. That's why I sent myself this Someecard. Right this second.

I have a new post over at KidsFunPlaza up about greening-up your birthday party, but I'm not really celebrating until this Saturday when my husband and I will be going to see the latest Harry Potter, maybe catch a bite to eat, get some Starbucks, (and, uh, awkwardly, return the bracelets he picked out for me as my present because I dislike them and there's no way I'd ever wear them.) How sad is that? Someday we'll be married long enough that he can pick something out flawlessly. It's only been 4 years! He can't get it right every time! I mean, those Jes MaHarry earrings he got me our second Christmas together are AMAZING. Hit that one right on the head. Didn't work out so well for him this time. He was sad when I told him the truth, but we're going to pick something great out together that I will wear all the time. I promise!

Instead I get to spend my real birthday in a diner. Which is rad in its own way because it means I don't have to eat turkey again, I can have moussaka and a glass of wine instead. And I. Love. Moussaka. Then it's on to Nana and Papa's house for my birthday cake, so I hear! Fun day.

Don't tell Ro, but Mom bought her a Princess Aurora doll and a Princess Belle doll to keep her occupied all day long. Here's hoping it works. At any rate, I turn 27 at 12:47pm, so keep your eyes peeled for the fireworks. Oh, no. I guess there won't be any of those.

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