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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things She's Said Lately.

Ro says some things sometimes that genuinely surprise me. Things that make me accuse her of being an Indigo Child, (not that I believe in those,) and I'm forced to stare at Zack in shock and awe before I either a) realize why she'd say such a thing, or b) get over it.

Chipotle Restaurant has decor that is pretty ubiquitous throughout all of its locations, including this dude that they adorn their walls with. Ro looked up at it last time we were there and said,
"What is that guy?"
"Him?" I replied. "He's an Aztec. Or maybe Mayan."
"Hmm." She said. "I think he looks like a God."
(Insert blank mom-stare here.)
(Remember that one of her favorite movies is The Road to El Dorado.)
(Move on with life.)

We were sitting at dinner tonight and I was trying to explain to her about my IUD, since she didn't understand why I needed to see a doctor if I wasn't sick.
"You know how sometimes I get blood? And you were in my belly when you were a baby? Well the blood comes from the same place in my belly where you were, and-"
"Babies look like angels when they're in bellies."
(Insert blank mom-stare here.)
Zack pipes up: "Did Nana tell you that?"
"Yes." She replied.
But I know she's placating him and this isn't the real answer. "Zack!" I exclaimed.
Now I'll never know.

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