"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." -Richard Dawkins

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain, and Happy New Year, too.


This October the 31st was somewhat monumental for us. It was Ro's 5th Halloween, and the very first time she went trick-or-treating. Our Halloweens are honestly somewhat subdued. The last truly wild one I let loose at was 2005, when I was 2 weeks pregnant and didn't know it yet. (We're not talking about last year's party here! Shh.) I spent a crazy evening with our friends out on Mill Ave in Tempe. That was the first time I met Sasha. One year later I had a two month old baby. Who knew!

So there she was, new baby, first Halloween- what was I supposed to do? All my mom friends came over for a party with some really awesome costumes. (You should have seen Cassia the pink octopus,) And all I had for my baby was a bear hat, and bear slippers, and a bear onesie. That's it! Baby bear for Halloween.

The next year we were visiting in New York for Halloween and didn't do much of anything. I was invited to a few parties thrown by friends, but was mostly content just to stay in and set up a small altar and think about things. I usually got very melancholy for New York in the autumn, so it was good to be there. I'd planned to dress her up as Jayne Cobb from Firefly, wearing her camo pants and boots and the hat Megan crocheted her, but I didn't wind up doing it after all.

The year after that we actually had a "real" costume for her- a little autumn fairy- but why bring her trick-or-treating? I didn't want her eating all that crap, and we didn't know any of the neighbors anyway, so it seemed... pointless. She stayed inside instead, watching Halloween cartoons on Qubo. That was 2008.

In 2009 we were in New York for keeps. We'd moved there five months prior but unfortunately the situation was the same. No neighbors, no trick-or-treating, but! We did have friends.We went to a big party over at Amy's where Ro experienced her first sundry ghouls and creatures of the night. She wasn't even slightly upset. But still, no trick-or-treating for her. Not as yet.

(Seriously- she GREW between '07 and '08! The 1-2 years old growth spurt is insane.)

 This year changed everything. This year she knew about Halloween and she cared, big time. This year she wanted to be a witch, and wear a witch hat, and have witch makeup and a witch dress. She wanted to ring doorbells and harvest candy from the masses and be a really normal big kid.

Again, my daughter goes shattering all the preconceived ideals I had about her sugar, dye and commercialism free childhood.

And so that's how it was. This year she has a genuine friendship with TJ and TJ lives in a real neighborhood with real neighbors, ripe for the trick-or-treating. So dressed up as a very British looking little redheaded witch (Lily Luna Potter, perhaps?) with her Superman escort in tow, off they went to fill their treat-vessels with all kinds of goodies...

...Which we parents totally snacked on after they were in bed. =)

Happy Halloween, everyone.


  1. Was the Halloween on Mill the one where Ian wore a fishnet shirt and devil horns? That was the first time I met everyone in the group! :D

    ... Oh wait, I think I'd met Steve one time before that.

  2. YES! That was the one. =D But I'd met you before that when Ian brought you to Denny's with the lot of us!