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Friday, November 19, 2010

Extraordinary Sneaks

Not too long ago, my Nana bought me these fantastically aqua blue sneakers. And I loved them, and boy are they comfortable, but there was something not quite unique enough about them to really thrill me. I have kinda big feet and that much blue at the bottoms of my legs was kind of unflattering. I needed to break it up! So I brainstormed and pondered and thought, what do I really love? What do I really really love?

The answer? PEACOCK FEATHERS. So I grabbed some Sharpies and did some Googling and looked up some clip art to reference, and turned the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Okay maybe not extraordinary, but still pretty rad.

I thuroughly encourage everyone with something boring, sneakers or otherwise, to get creative and make something fun out of it. Life is too short for plain sneakers.

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