"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." -Richard Dawkins

Sunday, November 7, 2010


 There it is, all the evidence I need to prove that autumn is on its way out- and how brief it was! And that early winter (HELLO NOVEMBER) is settling in all around us. (I mean it's already snowed twice. I know because I saw it!) It's been in the thirties the past two nights and only barely got up to forty today. It's supposed to be twenty-eight out tonight- news enough for even Loki to sleep under the covers.

 I took the sugar pumpkin Nana brought up last time she was here and made a massive batch of maple-sweetened slow cooker pumpkin butter to put away in the freezer for Thanksgiving day. We'll have it for breakfast on croissants.

 But of course you know I had to try some! To quote Nana, "Oh my God is that good."

 Not as fond of the aftermath.

 More evidence. When Nana shows up at your house with a massive beef pot pie and you gladly leave the oven on for three whole hours just to bake it for dinner.

 Something else she showed up with and insisted I open early? My birthday present! (As is my curse, my birthday often falls on Thanksgiving day. It does this year, too. So this was a fun surprise.) What was inside? A gorgeous citrine and (probably CZ) pave sterling silver ring. 
My birthstone!! 

"Symbolizing lightheartedness and joy, the citrine is also believed to bolster one's self-confidence." The tag says. Oh good, I need all of the above!

It's much more beautiful and delicate than my rough and tumble clunky labradorite though, so I'll probably save it to wear for special occasions!


Something else that happened today that I didn't take photos of- Ro got a new pair of slippers from Nana and Poppa! They're all lined in white fur and she insisted on wearing them over footie pajamas, into her bed. Yep. When there's four pairs of slippers floating around the bedroom, two of them belong to you, and one of them is on your kid who is asleep, I'm pretty sure that's how you know. 

Winter. I see you! You can't hide.


  1. On my agenda this week is pulling out and washing flannel sheets to put onto the beds. It really is getting to be time for them. Do you have a recipe for the pumpkin butter that you are willing to share? It sounds amazing. Gorgeous new ring - happy early B-day! I understand sharing your special day with the holidays. I often share my birthday with Chanukah.

  2. The pumpkin butter in jars look delicious, I bet they make a great gift too!