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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Rememeber the part where made soup out of a turkey carcass? Part of that was having to fish all the bones out. I threw away most of them, but interestingly enough, when I pulled out the vertebrae, Ro and I both thought they were pretty cool, in an old game of knuckle bones kind of way. I had her bend over and feel her own bumpy spine, and explained that that's what they were- only on a turkey instead! I salvaged nine of them, and then I said the magical word that makes Ro's eyes light up. Project.

"Roary!" I said. "Guess what?"
"I have a project for you!"

So I scrubbed the bones hard with dish soap and hot water to make sure all the turkey grease was gone, then we gathered together some old dye I had kicking around, and some jars. I filled each jar with some dye and I had Ro drop the bones into each one and shake them up.

And then they soaked...

...for many hours.

Finally, that night, we fished them out and let them dry.

They turned out entirely awesomely. I was telling mom I think it's probably about the best thing that can ever be said for turkey vertebrae. The colors are so rich and pretty!

"I want to draw a picture of them!" Ro said. 
So we got down her markers and paper...
...and the tracing began.

Finally, she asked me how to spell bones. "B-O-N-E-S."
Uh. I guess for a 4-year-old, "b-o-Wn-Im-Esz" is close enough.

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