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Friday, October 15, 2010

This, Our Only Bedroom

I mentioned a few KFP posts ago that me, my husband, our daughter, two beds, two desks, and two computers, all live in one small bedroom in my mother's house. I'm going to have to go ahead and assume that anyone who hasn't seen our room is wondering how, exactly, that's physically possible. It truly is the IKEA lifestyle, three people, 180 square feet. Would you care for a tour?

When my grandparents were living with my mother, this was their room. Glossy white beadboard trimmed in a beachy spearmint green which- oddly- I genuinely don't mind. It suits the set of vintage green furniture I got from them quite well. The cubbies behind the bedroom door keep shoes, dirty laundry, and sewing stuff organized. Ro's watercolor painting hangs on the wall.

Coming in through that door you see our desks and our bed. (Loving that heinous pink rug!) We use the one window's sill for everything we can. It sports a lamp, Zack's CPAP machine, and about seventy tons of books and magazines. My desk keeps my laptop, calendar, and writing supplies, while off to my side on the back of Zack's desk I keep my manuscripts and art supplies.

Zack at his desk sits with his back to the closet. The cubbies on his side are full of books, and more of Ro's watercolor paintings hang there. Inside the closet, three people's worth of clothes.

The corner at the foot of the bed is where I keep my reading and sewing chair, along with some renegade night stands and the one fan (desperately needed in the summer!)

Now you're wondering where the second bed is, aren't you. Wherever does Ro sleep? See that door behind the yellow chair? What's inside?

There she is! In a closet cupboard bed under the stairs, just like Harry Potter. Complete with built in bookcases, twinkling fairy lanterns, and all her stuffed animal buddies. (And a portable DVD player- the same one that came with us cross country- because Sometimes Mommy needs a little quiet time.)

Wondering where all our other stuff lives? Literally point seven miles up the road in a 10x10. Close enough to walk to, (and look, our own personal library!)

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