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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm doing this for a camera, I swear.

So when I found out that the girls over at SITS were giving away a Canon Rebel T2i I was like "whaaaat" (actually I was like, "TIFFANY YOU'RE SO PRETTY I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU BUT I WOULD SAY YOU WERE PRETTY TO FINALLY HAVE A GOOD CAMERA,") but that's not the point, I'm plagued by not-rich-enough-for-a-good-camera-itis. It's a chronic affliction that's killing me. Every day. So I am entering this giveaway NOW with a really embarrassing post about me. 'Cause normally I post about Ro, and frankly, it's my time. To embarrass myself. I give you:


1999, age 15. I am Laura Ingalls in an entirely (and poorly) handsewn costume that I made myself on my mother's old Singer.

2000, age 16. I'm involved with a Youth Group, and clearly since somehow Jesus says no to costumes and candy, we're forced to wear prom dresses and attend a mystery dinner in a cold church instead. I am the only girl there to wear a color not black or blue, and my girls are twice the size of any of the other girl's girls there. Kind of awkward, you guys.

2002, age 17. I mistakenly assume that I will be invited to one of the aforementioned Youth Group friend's parties. I make fairy wings out of a foam camping mat, paint them with acrylics, slap on some blue eyeshadow and a black velvet gown and feel righteously Amy Brown enough to go out.
Only I never got the invite, and I never went anywhere.
(Everyone in unison, now: Awwww...)

2003, age 18: THAT'S OKAY and here's why, I leave Youth Group behind and wind up becoming something akin to my grandmother's worst dream come true, it involves black eyeshadow and not hanging out with friends who don't invite me to their parties. Instead I go to goth night at the Fuze Box with some new, different friends, and stomp my troubles out to angry music. (Does everyone have the angry phase? I think mine lasted a little longer than normal.)

The man who will, in three years, become my husband, sees this picture via our mutual friend Steve in Arizona and falls in love. Thinking he's clever, he has Steve take the following photo of him, and sends it back to me.

 (Okay yeah, he's clever AND cute, I married him didn't I?)

Meanwhile, back in New York...
2004, age 19: I go out trick-or-treating hilariously with my roommate and then boyfriend. Please don't ask me why I Photoshopped the background out of this picture of us, I have no idea what I was thinking, (unless it was to get rid of the boyfriend.) I go as Kaylee from Firefly and look pretty cute if I do say so myself.

2005, age 20 (about to turn 21! My birthday is in November, you see.) I'm some kind of blue fairy thing (Again!? that is so 2002!) Really, the entire purpose of this evening was to hang out with friends on a crazy college party-town's main drag and stare at underdressed girls and wonder what their mothers think of them.
Oh and have dinner. We did that, too.
(2-week-old fetus Ro in that tummy!)

(Um, hello because I'm stuck inside with a baby.)

2009, age 25: I leave my (oh man) now three year old home with Daddy so I can go to a friend's Halloween party. Like a grown up. Which I have never had the chance to do. Ever. I am dressed as a sort of Steampunk she-Anubis. Whatever that means.

2010, age 26: A 4-year-old Ro is finally old enough to go trick-or-treating, and for the first time I'm the mama who trails along behind wearing a witch hat to match. 

...Yep. Everything's changed.


  1. What a neat look down memory lane. I have to say, I am impressed you made that Laura Ingalls costume at 15. It really is interesting to see how things change once we have kids. Great photos of Ro on her first time trick-or-treating :)

  2. Thanks, Beth! Historical costuming has always been my bag, (it started with dresses I made from mateless bedsheets stolen from my mother's linen closet when I was 12!) I love it.