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Saturday, October 23, 2010

But, you don't have to take my word for it...

I love libraries. In fact, I was taught very very early on the merits of libraries by my Grandma Lettie, who is probably one of the biggest bibliophiles I know. She loves to read, loves words, and though I often (happily!) rib her for loving Scrabble and her dictionary, I totally, 100% know why she does.

I own one dictionary. It was a gift from her.

I spent a lot of time in my school library, too. Unlike most 'bad' kids, when I was skipping classes you could find me there, hiding in the back room, reading books about the lives of women in Victorian America, or the Holocaust. I once spent an entire summer's worth of summer school free time in the library at the high school, trading for books on the 'take one leave one' shelf. I still have my favorite of all the ones I ever came home with.

This awesome lady's name is Diane Payette and I am her biggest fan. She has no idea that I think she's sent from heaven (which is also where coconut marshmallows come from) or that I take photos of her from the back row, or whatever, but she pretty much is the best. End of story. Diane is somewhat of a genius guitar player and an angel with children and hilariously funny. She's engaging- even for parents- and I am thrilled that she lends her talents to our local library.

It was happenstance that I woke up to the realization that my local library has free children's events. I happened to notice one about apples listed on the KidsFunPlaza website one day in September while I was working and thought I'd take Ro to it. I asked Christina from Cutest Kid Ever if she wanted to bring her family along and we made a night of it. It was awesome!

I taught him how to spell her name! Hehe.

The other night we took Ro and TJ over for another event about autumn leaves, and they had, I think, more fun in that hour for free than we could have paid for them to have anywhere else. They listened to stories, danced to songs played by Diane on the guitar, were entertained by puppets, got to color and then do leaf printing with paints. And the last time they were there they got to cut up apples, cook applesauce, and take some home, along with cider donuts, which Christina, her husband, and I all got happily roped into helping pass out! It was fun though. Free fun.

So don't let me sound like Levar Burton or anything (though the Star Trek geek in me would have no qualms with that.) But if you're low on funds (and come on, who isn't these days?) Don't worry about buying your kids a good time. Check out your local library and find one for free.

Obligatory race-around-the-obelisk* always included.

*Check out the obelisk's story here; my best friend (and incidentally Christina's cousin) submitted her favorite Little House quote back in her school days, and it was chosen to be put on there! "Sunday afternoon was clear, and the snow-covered prairie sparkled in the sunshine." It's from These Happy Golden Years.  =)

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