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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Week

These text-blogs were all sent from my cell phone, and recap the week from the moment I lost internet the night we packed the last of the moving truck in Arizona, to when we got to my mother's house in New York.

Friday 3/27 @ 10:21pm:
A long goodbye party at the Smith's preceding a long night packing the trailer. Letting Ro stay up past her bedtime for once.

Saturday 3/28 @ 2:24am:
The night is cold and clear and full of stars. It is two in the morning and we are still loading the trailer. No rest for the wicked.

There is an overwhelming silence in an empty house. We're leaving town later than anticipated.

An awkward haggling war with the landlord over the security deposit. The worst is over. We're on the road to Sedona now.

Hasty dinner at the Duck & Decanter, Zack and I's 'spot' since we first began dating. The first time we had the joy of Ro joining us.

Elevation steadily increasing, temperature steadily decreasing.

So tired- bypassed Sedona and headed right for Flagstaff. Tall pines, woodsmoke and skunk- it smells like heaven!

Sunday 3/29 @ 7:51am:
Between the altitude and the space heater, we're feeling dried out. It's 35 degrees out, I have to put a coat and hat on Ro so she can go play!

Only a half hour off schedule, greeting the day with optimism. We're en route to Albuquerque now.

Detoured to see Meteor Crater but were thwarted by exorbitant entry fees. Space cows will have to suffice.

Just drove the complete leg from Flagstaff to Albuquerque myself. First snow sighting at the border! Now, dinner.

A margarita, fresh salsa and chiles rellenos at Sadie's. Hits the spot!

Oh my word, there's sopaipillas with honey, too.

Dinner was amazing- full and cozy in our comfy pants we press on to Raton.

Monday 3/30 @ 9:13am:
Good morning, icy cold world! One hour off schedule, but we needed that sleep. Onward to Denver!

I missed taking a photo of the 'Welcome to Colorful Colorado' sign because my can of Starbucks exploded in my lap. Damn altitude.

Stopped to get de-icer and a scraper. Bring it on, winter! 

Colorado reminds me almost convincingly of Switzerland.

Dinner at Casa Bonita with Zack's friend Chris. Lots to see and do to tire Ro out. Now, the greuling push through Kansas.

Kansas: now with 50% less NOTHING.

Tuesday 3/31 @ 9:05am:
Dropped dead into our KOA cabin at 3am. Woke up to a frigid Kansas morning. Now, on the road again.

Every time I go under an overpass I assess it for how well it would protect me in the event of a tornado.

Lunch at Steak n' Shake as per Cairenn's direct orders before leaving Mesa.

Broody stormclouds and rain in eastern Illinois. It's oddly comforting.

Zack's desperate search for White Castle continues into Indiana...

Midwest culinary objectives complete.

Thursday 4/2 @ 6:21am:
Had a wonderful time with the Parker-Skaggs household. It was by no means relaxing, but the kids had a blast!

Imperitave stop at Potbelly Sandwich Works for lunch. Then on to Bodhi in northern Ohio.

A charming stroll through sweet Chagrin Falls with Bodhi, ducked into the amazingly diverse beverage shop for some Ommegang.

Warm pasta and cold beer in a beautiful, cozy house full of people I love.

Friday 4/3 @ 8:42am:
A tasty breakfast in a cozy kitchen, a rainy morning, a happy daughter. Onward to New York!

Welcome to New York.

Dinner at the Neptune Diner with Nana and Papa. Then the last drive of the trip: we're going home.

Mom's house. We're here.

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