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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Starting Over

I originally started this blog as a means to keep in touch with my family who were back in New York while I was stuck in (what I felt at the time was) very miserable Arizona. As you've heard me say about twenty times by now, I tend to let it go for weeks at a stretch.

This is less of a New Year's Resolution (uh, seeing as how it's now the fifteenth of February.) But more of a promise to myself. I'm planning to make an update to this blog every single day in the hopes of getting back in touch with my inner blogger. You might noticed I changed what the banner up above says. No longer a thinking girl's foray into raising a daughter, but now a thinking girl's foray into everything. I'm planning to blog more about life in general, what I'm up to, what I'm cooking or making or doing, and not as solely about Ro anymore.

I think several things prompted the motivation for this. First of all, Gmail implemented Buzz, which is more or less the equivalent of Facebook's Wall, or Twitter. Because I'm a religious Gmail convert from 2003, I was happy to see that I wouldn't have to visit any extra websites, because I really don't like Facebook, and I really, really don't like Twitter. Keeping up with LiveJournal is enough for me, and I clearly can't handle this blog, more or less eighteen different social networking sites. But when I noticed that Buzz imports Blogger posts, I thought, maybe now's a good time to get back on track.

Secondly, in about fifteen days, Ro and I are traveling back to Arizona for the wedding of Ian and Christine (of Aqua Vitae fame, though not so active there these days. Ian is the little brother of Steph of Little Stuff of Life, who I will also be seeing, along with the rest of the Sunday Pancakes crowd.) Ro will be the flower girl, and I have been asked to do the photography, a great and nerve-wracking honor.

Arizona is where this blog was born, and thinking of going back put me back in the mindset that I still do have family who reads here, and they still expect to see something turn up every now and again.

That being said, we're starting over, here. Re-envisioning it as something necessary.


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