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Friday, January 1, 2010

Sewing Again

I miss my sewing hutch. Yes, that one right there. I miss a lot of things about Mesa lately- namely Fresh & Easy- but- whoa! Off topic. Not the point of this post. I know the above photo doesn't look very organized, but I assure you it's quite the contrary. Here at Mom's I have all my sewing things crammed onto a desk with my art things and my jewelrymaking things and my laptop things and it's... kind of a bit of an-eleven-letter-word-I-shouldn't-use-in-public. Ahem.

Anyway, as is wont to happen during the holiday season and when holed up for a week on a sofa with back issues of Martha Stewart Living and Amanda Blake Soule's newest publication, I get the overwhelming urge to sew little things. Of course, checking up on everyone's blogs from the past month, I stumbled upon a little gem in my good friend Ashley's blog.

A snow queen! And how sweet she is. Now I'm sitting here making elaborate plans for the tiny scraps of white and ice blue silk I have stuffed in with endless lengths of wool yarn and sparkly white and silver beads... What a good idea I have. I can't WAIT to make Ro her own Snow Queen- put it away (with the rest of the Christmas stuff that I took down and stuffed- much to its protest- back into the storage bin this afternoon) and bring it out as a surprise next year when we're having Yule in our own home again and I have somewhere to put the glittering advent cupboard and...

A Snow Queen to set on top.
I'll be sure to have photos when she's done.

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