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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review: SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks

RAnd so I was given the opportunity to review two pairs of kid’s socks. Me? I’m not normally a socks kind of person. But my kid, on the other hand, wears them all the time. As a mom, I was just glad to have new socks in neutral colors for starting school. My daughter couldn’t bear to part with the little bugs that come inside the package. Between the two of us, we were able to conclude that we had a good product on our hands.

SmartKnitKIDS socks are seamless and cuffless, and are specifically designed not to bunch up in your shoes, making them ideal for children with sensory defensive disorders, or just regular kids who want to play without that annoyance! They’re made of special moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fibers to keep kids feet fresh and dry, and they offer a unique sizing scheme that allows the heel-free socks to grow with the kids, instead of the kids growing out of them. Not to mention the fact that they’re made in the States! That’s an automatic win in my book.

They come packaged in a fun and colorful box with their mascot, a little green dancing bug with big white socks on his feet. When we opened the boxes to pull the socks out, little cutouts of the bug fell out. My daughter snatched them up immediately and said, “LOOK, BUGS! CAN I HAVE THEM?” I think she’s more excited about bugs to play with than the socks, but frankly, that’s okay. =)

We received a pair of knee-highs in black, and a pair of crew socks in white. This made me pretty happy because I’m admittedly sick of trying to find socks that match my daughters (often exuberant) outfits every day.

The socks are 97% Polyester and 3% Lycra. I’m pretty much addicted to cotton, so for a synthetic sock to pass the test, it has to be extraordinary. These socks are pretty great. The kiddo wore the black ones to school the next day, since they matched the outfit she was wearing. They fit super smoothly, which made cramming her feet into her stubborn elasticized Hello Kitty sneakers much easier than it usually is. She said they felt “squishy” which I’m sure refers to the almost plush knit that they’re made from.

That night I put her to bed in the other pair since it was slated to be quite chilly that night. Typically she peels her socks off by morning, but these she kept on the whole night through. I was impressed!

The only negative thing I can find to say about the socks, which was more a slight annoyance than a problem, is that the cuffless tops have a tendency to roll down instead of staying put. But my daughter didn’t much seem to mind, so we soldiered on.

All in all, these soft, seamless socks were a welcome and happy addition to our sock drawer. And if my daughter has anything to say about it, little green bugs are welcome, too.

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