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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I completed the task at hand

On May 23rd, my Google Account got hacked, leaving TheCraningGap@gmail.com in the dust, along with my old blog, Sanguine. I'm posting that email address right there in the hopes that every spambot known to mankind floods it with crap and greatly pisses off the scumbag from Nigeria who stole it out from under me.

Anyway, they never did touch my old blog, and though I couldn't log into it, I could still copy and paste all my old entries over here, for the sake of posterity.

We've had to skip from April to September, and in the meantime much has occurred, some meant for telling, other things not. Let me say that we're all changed, though. Pretty much for the better.

There are some things that have not changed. We still live with my mother, Zack still struggles to find work in this economy, Ro is still flawlessly headstrong and independent.

What has changed is that I have a job, now, as a columnist and photographer for a local family magazine and its blog. You might have noticed my link off to the left, there? It's called Kids Fun Plaza - KFP when I'm talking about it, usually. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to write for a magazine, more or less several articles a month, and have my photographs and recipes in print. It's been a miraculous opportunity, and I'm thrilled to see where it takes us.

Zack's been trying to work on starting his own business building and repairing computers and networks, but we haven't exactly had the money for marketing, so it's been sitting quietly by the wayside until we do.

Ro started school this month, she attends five days a week and has been loving every moment of it. I don't know what else I can say, other than that her joy justifies the choice, to me.

We had to get rid of one of our cats before the winter. Raisin, who had been an outdoor cat since March, would be lacking for shelter when the snows come again. I offered her up on Craigslist and she was adopted by a nice Ukrainian gentleman named Sergio who owns a horse farm on the other end of town and needed a huntress to be his barn cat. He got the perfect little sheba, that's for sure.

Plus, it's autumn. The most wonderful time of the year, by far!

I have so many things I've been waiting to write about, until I had all of Sanguine posted here. I've been compiling a list next to my computer for a while, using the pad of paper as my mousepad and jotting ideas down the second I get them. I'm happy to be back in the blogging circuit, that's for sure, and I'm hopeful. I'm optimistic.

Ah, well. Maybe sanguine isn't dead after all.

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