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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Packin' it up.

I shall not shall not bore you with stories of boxes, bags, tape, lists and panic. I will tell stories of the things I have found while packing instead, and maybe give you a few photos of Ro eating sushi.

Tonight I found, among my art supplies, a poster my mother hand-calligraphed when she was sixteen years old for her Junior Prom. It's been beat up over the course of many moves and many boxes and many years. I gently pried it apart and laid it out on a sheet of cardboard, ironed it flat, fixed all the tears with masking tape from the back, as the paper is, incidentally, the same color as masking tape now, and plan to put it in a poster frame and hang it in our new bedroom. Wherever that may be. It matches the color scheme of our curtains and bedding, all blue and ivory and brown...

Alright, well it's not supposed to be brown, but you know that funny mushroom color black construction paper fades to? Yeah, like that. I'll take some photos of it once I have it framed. I'm planning to go to WalMart for that soonish. I want it done before the move so nothing (more) happens to it.

My garage is like an endless pit of stuff that needs to go to Goodwill, but in an old box of Zack's toys I found a GloWorm. This is pretty exciting, since it's been years and years since I've seen mine. I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on its little vinyl face (those things are AMAZING,) ran it through the washer, put new batteries in its lightbox and I swear to you it's as perfect as when it came off the line in 1982. I'm saving it for Ro to keep her company on the drive to New York.

Also acquired to keep her company is her Easter present from Nana & Papa- a Gab & Sing Foofa that I had to go to three Targets to find. But it's worth it. Oh, it's going to make her so darn happy. My rules about battery-free, no character, no China, no-noise toys is SO out the window for this trip. You have no idea.

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