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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Back

You might notice I've been posting every other day- been getting ready for the trip to AZ which we leave for next week. As you can see by the complicated, color-coded list above, I tend to be a bit persnickety about my packing process. It usually starts two weeks in advance and comes together slowly. If I didn't do it this way- I'd forget something. Plus, this allows for emergency last-minute Amazon purchases of things I can't really travel without (rechargeable batteries for the new Kodak I got from a friend, a Built NY neoprene laptop sleeve to hold my laptop together in transit (yes, together, I mean that,) a copy of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to have something to read on the plane qualify for Super Saver Shipping...)

Anyway, I always start to get anxious the week before a trip. Bad anxious, like airplanes are far too risky for me. (I watch a lot of Lost, okay?) Especially, this time, with 45-minute layovers. And I don't know if anyone remembers what happened last time I was towing a toddler and had a layover less than an hour long, but I wound up missing my flight because Ro took a faceplant on the escalator and I was making her run with blood gushing out of her face, had to stay the night in Cleveland on vouchers because I had no money, and Ro spent most of her time naked because I only had a couple hours worth of diapers in my tote bag (and it was the one time I opted not to carry a carry-on.)

Ahem. I hope to avoid that happening again.

We're flying Delta, which means we don't have to deal with everyone's new and improved baggage surcharge, and it turns out I really can pack for two weeks in a reasonably-sized suitcase for each of us. Remarkable! This time I won't shirk the carry-on with changes of clothes, just in case those layovers do come back to bite me, but who knows how lugging that duffel bag and Ro with her own backpack will slow us down.

I'll try my hardest not to be disappointed of we find ourselves having overnight adventures in Detroit, though I can't exactly say it's the one place I always wanted to visit. Yikes. Anyway, the whole point of this rambling diatribe was to explain why I'm less than chatty and will likely be even less so in the next three weeks. I'll post when I can, though. I'm sure to have a ton of photos, at least. =D

(Ro tries on her flower girl dress.)

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