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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cruddy Summer

Maybe it's been the weather- a cruddy, cold and rainy kind of summer, thick with horrendous mosquitoes and breeding the blight that destroyed all of my heirloom tomatoes. Maybe it's been how rough things have been since Zack lost his job, even though he had a flawless record with his previous employer doing the same job for the same company. Maybe it's just been total ennui, but I haven't wanted to write and for that, dear reader, I apologize.

Since last we spoke, the garden has done a combination of boom and die, the herbs and eggplant are happy and huge, and the tomatoes were doing wonderfully until the blight set in. Now I have no tomatoes, and I'm terribly sad.

See how pretty they were?

Anyway, we haven't been outside much, we haven't been doing much of anything, much. Ro's third birthday came and went with three separate celebrations, we had visits from out of town friends, but it's mostly been quiet. I spent a long morning looking through old magazines- Martha Stewart Living, Everyday with Rachael Ray, etc, and tearing out recipes to keep and recycling the rest, and I gotta say, I am stoked for the fall. And then the winter. And then Christmas!

First time in four years, I can barely contain myself. Mom asked me where we were supposed to put the tree, which, in this house as it currently stands, is a very good question. But it doesn't matter, because my kid is going to get to play in the snow, and that? That is fantastic.

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