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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cross Country, Part 1.

After roughly an hour of being lost, we finally found the KOA here in Flagstaff. I'm beyond pleased with the accommodations, a sweet little wooden cabin with a front porch that has a swing and a bench. There's a little table and a set of bunk beds for Ro to climb all over and a nice wide bed to sprawl on after all these hours in the car.

The stars out here are amazing, and the air is clear and cold. Ro is pretty excited about the whole thing- from being able to watch Yo Gabba Gabba in the car, to her new toys, to all these new places and the knowledge that every day brings us closer to "Meme's House."

The cats are doing very well, Raisin escaped the cabin, but we got her back rather fast. They're both eating and using their litter box here in the cabin. Loki's a little edgy- hissing at Raisin and hiding under the bed, but they were both only slightly vocal in the car and seem to be adjusting pretty well.

Zack and I are both in pretty bad pain from head to toe from so much moving, and we look very much forward to a long rest after I get the past few day's photos uploaded. Nothing like free Wi-Fi to ruin the Ingalls-esque atmosphere of this charming little house in the big woods of Northern Arizona. =)

Oh my does that pillow look tempting...

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