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Friday, February 20, 2009

We're Coming up on Relocation Day

"To me, if life boils down to one significant thing, it's movement. To live is to keep moving. Unfortunately this means that for the rest of our lives we're going to be looking for boxes.
When you're moving, your whole life is boxes. That's all you think about: "Boxes, where are there boxes?" You down the street going in and out of stores, "Are there boxes here? Have you seen any boxes?" It's all you think about. You can't even talk to people, you can't concentrate. "Will you shut up? I'm looking for boxes!"
After a while you become like a bloodhound on the scent. You walk into a store, "There's boxes here. Don't tell me you don't have boxes, dammit! I can smell 'em!" I become obsessed. "I love the smell of cardboard in the morning!"
You could be at a funeral, everybody's mourning, crying around you, you're looking at the casket. "That's a nice box. Does anybody know where that guy got that box? When he's done with it, you think I could get that? It's got some nice handles on it, my stereo would fit right in there."
I mean, that's what death is, really, it's the last big move of your life. The hearse is like the van, the pallbearers are your close friends, the only ones you could really ask to help you with a big move like that. And the casket is that great, perfect box you’ve been looking for your whole life. The only problem is once you find it, you’re in it."
-Jerry Seinfeld

At long last, the time has come. Conditions are perfect, as one might say, to turn this car around. Ro will be starting preschool later this year, our lease is ending and the landlord is looking to sell, we lost a portion of our income and couldn't afford to stay in this house anyway, so we're heading back East to get stable and settled and buy a house of our own.

Half of our things are posted to Craigslist, I hauled in a ton of boxes from the garage, I've bought plenty of heavy white compactor bags to pack squishable things in with the hopes of utilizing every inch of space possible in the moving trailer. We've mapped out the route we plan to take, people we plan to stop and visit, places we plan to stop and sleep. We're even considering trading in our car on a newer one with cruise control.

It's all coming together, not without its own ups and downs. The house is a minefield, the Goodwill pile is enormous, and I find that though I've always hated it here in Arizona, I've established a sort of fond comfort with my surroundings and the people I've come to know and love here. It's much harder to leave than I thought it was going to be.

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