"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." -Richard Dawkins

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boy Does it Smell Good in Here.

This weekend has been chock full of baking. I made cookies last night while Ro was asleep, which she was delighted to discover this morning, and then today we made cinnamon ornaments with Daddy, which was a great deal of fun, and made the house smell like heaven. Cinnamon ornaments are certainly one of my favorite projects. I'm pretty sure everyone does them in school at one point or another in their lives (although my husband is convinced he had no clues about their existence.) I made sandy almond cookies, and buttery sugar cookies that I turned into jam sandwiches and some others I dipped in white chocolate and added sprinkles. Those are by far Ro's favorite. She scrapes them off with her teeth and gives the cookie back.

Last night I met up with a couple of friends at the Barnes & Noble cafe at Dana Park and picked up a copy of Amanda Blake Soule's The Creative Family. It got mixed reviews on Amazon, so I wanted to actually see it and flip through it before committing, but I loved it (why wouldn't I, I love her blog,) so I bought it, and I got to read a good chunk of it this morning during a long bubble bath. (I'm still sick, and Saturday mornings belong to Daddy...)

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